Printer for Link up to Axalert™ Excel or Omniweigh™ System.

For those who wish to keep a hard copy of weight data, the Tally Roll Printer is ideal. Able to be fitted to both the Axalert™ Excel and Omniweigh™ products, the Tally Roll is a thermal printer, meaning no ink to replace or danger of damage to the image from water or damp conditions.

When fitted to the Axalert™ Excel, the printer can be used for downloading of overload events that are stored in its memory, as well as individual ‘live’ prints at the press of a button.

The Omniweigh™ allows printing of the current vehicle load condition, or download of load/deliver results from multiple drops.


  • Used to create hard copies of weight data as required, or from unit memory.
  • Thermal print means no ink to replace, or damage to the image from water.
  • Easy to retrofit to existing systems.