Loadcell based On-Board Weighing for Commercial Vehicles with built in Axle Load Prediction.

The Omniweigh™ represents the latest in On-Board Weighing technology. Suitable for fitting during the vehicle build (by your bodyshop of choice), or retrofitted to existing vehicles, the Omniweigh™ provides highly accurate weight data on both Net Payload and GVW, on a highly visible backlit display.

In addition to this, the Omniweigh™ now comes with Axle Load Prediction built in, with an accuracy of greater than 2%. Effectively, this gives the added benefit of an axle load indicator (similar to the Axalert™ range) at no additional cost. Front and Rear axle weights are available at the press of a button. A Load/Deliver function is also available for storage of weight readings from multiple drop offs, and data can be downloaded via optional printer or USB drive.

Our loadcells are made to industry standard sizes, but benefit from recessed plates to help reduce the chances of water ingress. The Omniweigh™ display uses a remote control to allow access to menu systems, meaning that almost all maintenance can be carried out by the customer. Tipper vehicles can be provided with a more bespoke system that functions when the body is raised, and uses a sleep function during stowage.

The system is designed and manufactured at our premises in the Midlands, where we control quality to the highest ISO9001 standards.


  • Provides accurate weighing of vehicle payload- typically accurate to within 1%.
  • Temperature compensated loadcells for avoiding fluctuations in readings.
  • Provides overload protection in the same way as an axle load indicator.
  • Industry standard loadcells, fitting available from all good bodyshops with little increase to lead times.
  • Compatible with Vehicle Telematics Systems (VTS).
  • Dedicated aftercare service if required.
  • Stainless Steel options available for Gritter vehicles – see our ‘specialist systems’ page.