Providing a clear focus on overloading for vehicles up to 32 tonnes

Detailed Overload Protection suitable for any Rigid Vehicle up to 32 Tonnes GVW. Also suitable for articulated vehicle configurations.

The Axalert™ Excel has been designed specifically for vehicles that require protection from overloading, but do not make use of additional features such as memory functions and packing plate controls.

By making use of a simple yet effective display, the Axalert™ Excel provides warnings for overloads on front and rear axles as well as on GVW, whilst keeping cost to the customer at a minimum. This provides a high quality solution at a competitive price.

The Axalert™ Excel system has inbuilt telemetrics compatibility, allowing remote monitoring of the vehicle load, through various telemetrics suppliers.



  • Simple to use, ergonomic display that can be dash mounted or installed into a spare radio slot.
  • Minimum driver input required – only one button.
  • Constant display of front,rear axle weights and gross vehicle weights with at a glance bar graph style indication.
  • Suitable for vehicles up to 32 Tonnes GVW.
  • Vehicle Telemetrics Output (Advanced VTS) as standard for remote monitoring of load conditions.
  • Compatible with both Air and Mechanical suspensions.
  • Configurable output to control other vehicle systems.
  • Printer output.
  • Easily Retrofitable – can be fitted in our fully equipped workshops or on site.
  • Designed and manufactured in-house, with as many locally sourced components as possible, in order to help support local UK companies.
  • Rugged sensor technology which is mounted on the chassis, using established engineering practices.
  • High quality aftercare service throughout the UK, we pride ourselves on the reputation of our service. Why settle for anything less?
  • The latest in an ongoing product range that Transport Managers have trusted for nearly 30 years. The Axalert™ TM name is synonymous with build quality and efficiency, all the way back to the original in 1981, and this latest generation continues this tradition.