Red Forge Ltd is a family run business founded in 1976. Originally formed to re-manufacture automotive electrical equipment, during the early 1980’s the company introduced a new product know as Axalert™ in response to requests from the Midland divisional members of the Institute of Road Transport Engineers.


1976 - Red Forge Is Formed

Originally formed to re-manufacture automotive electrical equipment

1980 - Axalert™ Introduced

This product was designed to indicate to a goods vehicle driver when his vehicle became overloaded. The product was developed by one of the founding directors, the late Mr John Freeman, a Professional Design Engineer.

1980 - Limitlite™ Product Introduced

The Limitlite™ product was introduced to provide the same valuable information to Light Goods Vehicle drivers but in a simplified manner.

1988 - Warmawork™ Product was Launched

This is a D.C. electric fan heater based on solid state heater technology designed specifically for the electric vehicle industry, and is resistant to vibration.

Over the years this product has been recognised as very reliable and is supplied to many manufacturers of electric vehicles and associated cabin manufacturers. We still supply these heater units to various forklift manufacturers around the world.


1995 - Axalert™ 20/20 and Limitlite™ Plus Launched

In the mid 90’s the auto electrical re-manufacturing business was closed, and the company concentrated their efforts on the axle load indication and heater markets. This led to the rise of the current generation of weighing products, with new releases every few years as technologies changed and became more interactive.

The Axalert™ 20/20 provided weight data in a memory function and its smaller brother, Limitlite™ Plus allowed GVW monitoring on LCV’s for the first time. Vehicle Telematics compatibility (VTS) was added, allowing remote monitoring of a vehicle’s load condition.


2005 - Axalert™ Plus and Omniweigh™ Launched

The company moved into larger premises to ease the increased throughput of vehicles being fitted. This allowed for increased investment in development, and the latest products from Red Forge Ltd are now better than ever before. The Axalert™ Plus system provides HGV’s with the same simple overload protection enjoyed by LCV’s, for those who need to keep fleet costs down but still require a high quality product and service.

The Omniweigh™ system uses state of the art load cell technology, providing accurate payload information as well as Axle Load Prediction. In addition, the company’s range of ancillary products has now increased and includes latest technology, such as USB connections.


2014 - Limitlite™ Tradesman and Axalert™ Excel Launched

RedForge releases new products to both of the ALI ranges, the Limitlite™ Tradesman and the Axalert™ Excel.
VCA products approved

2015 - VCA Approval for Omniweigh™

The newly developed and improved loadcell based Omniweigh™ system receives VCA approval.

2016 - Balancing loads for 40 years

Red Forge celebrates 40 year anniversary